How to show perfomance in games part II: HWiNFO64 stats using RTSS (OSD)

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Whether you are an expert overclocker or a simple user who is passionate about data and statistics concerning the performance of your personal computer, checking certain values is extremely important, especially when CPU and GPU, are fully used. In another article I have already explained how you can view certain data in real time such as cpu and gpu temperatures and their uses, through the combo MSI Afterburner + Riva Tuner.


Surely one stat that any overclocker, novice or expert, will want to see while playing videogames is the vCore, the electrical power expressed in volts, a key element to increase the frequency of the cpu and then the performance of the PC in general.

HWiNFO64+Riva Tuner+Msi Afterburner: every stats you want in OSD!


Download HWiNFO64, RTSS and MSI Afterburner, follow the instructions already explained in my previous article on how to display stats in OSD using these two programs mentioned above and then go to the second step.


Open HWiNFO64 by starting run sensor only mode and then click on configure sensor, a wheel-shaped icon.


Clicking on the tab OSD (RTSS) the magic happens, making possible to show the data collected by HWiNfO64 in real time on the screen while playing!


Highlight any value stats you are interested in and check the box Show value in OSD.  If you click Show label in OSD,  it will also displays the name of the stat we want to monitor while gaming.

Finally go under Position and select line and column to determine the exact location on the screen of the parameter you want to display.

The final result will be this, with our beautiful Vcore and other important stats kept under control in real time!

This applies to any data that is detected by HWiNFO64: processor, core frequencies, fan speed, video card, hard disk temperatures, ssd usage, etc..

If you liked my illustrated guide, share it and have a nice time while checking data in OSD ;)

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