How to replace and fix Razer Naga broken scroll wheel

Hello guys, this is a quick and easy guide that will show you how to replace a broken Razer Naga scroll wheel.  In fact, the only way to fix it is by replacing the broken wheel whit a new one.


How to get a new razer naga mouse wheel

This is the main problem. Unfortunately Razer doesn’t sell mouse wheel parts, so the only way to have a new one is by looking on Ebay or similar like Aliexpress. I just bought 3 mouse wheels on Aliexpress and never had any issues, you can pay via paypal so you will be refunded just in case you could have some troubles.

So, assuming you got the new mouse wheel part, here we go: step by step, easy guide to replace and fix the Razer Naga scroll wheel. You can find my video here.


Carefully remove the screws.


Remove the top shell of the case very gently


You will find a mini screw holding the chip inside the mouse wheel, remove the screw and you will be able to get awat the broken mouse wheel.


Replace the broken wheel whit the new one, you bought ( you can find it on Ebay, Aliexpress)


Close and screw the mini chip inside the wheel, then close the mouse case and screw it, you just finish.

Insert the Usb on the computer and voilà, enjoy the new razer naga wheel perfectly working!

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